# hac-game-lib - v1.0.1 - Release notes

hac-game-lib version

# Introduction

The 1.0.0 update unfortunately introduced bugs in the hgl-editor that were not sufficiently test and QA. This update fixes (hopefully) all these bugs.

# Release details

Let's see what it looks like in more details.

# Statistics

Item Data
Files changed 9
Additions 307
Deletions 133
Commits 15

The full list is available on Github.

# Breaking changes

No breaking changes, but a lot of improvements.

# Documentation

No changes to the documentation.

# Bugfixes

Here is a list of the bug fixes in that release:

  • Fix a huge default save directory issue (see bellow) in hgl-editor.
  • Fix lots of strings in hgl-editor.
  • Fix a type issue in the Inventory class for the not_enough_space exception.

# The great directory disaster

In 1.0.0 we introduced a nice feature: the ability for hgl-editor to look for maps in different directories. However it was not sufficiently tested and the whole feature was buggy (particularly on a fresh install) in a bad way as the editor was crashing when attempting to save a board.

This issue has been fixed and we are now using a cleaner way of handling that. We are going to improve significantly options and sessions handling in the upcoming releases.

# The strings calamity

Another major massive improvement for the code overall quality was the introduction of flake8 validation. That lead us to fragment the strings over multiple lines of code. And this in turn resulted in less than optimal display in the editor and the default displays of the library in general (extra spaces, dubious indentation, etc.).

This is (hopefully) completely back to normal in that release.

# Improvements / New features

No new feature, but we have a small improvement: the Board.display() function has been optimized and is now 10% to 20% faster to display the board.

# Sneak peak

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try the next big feature to be released in 1.1: partial display. Here is a teaser:

To use it you will need to replace your usual Game.display() call by:

# mygame is your Game object
# first parameter is the object on which you want to center the view
mygame.current_board()._wip_display_around(mygame.player, 20, 20)


This feature is under heavy development, use it at your own risk (I don't see how it could be risky but anyway). It will change in the future.

# Conclusion

A lot has happened for the hac-game-lib and we are all super happy to bring you that feature loaded release!

This first official release is now available on PyPi and on Github of course.

As usual, to install that new version, we strongly recommend to do it in a virtual environment:

pip3 install virtualenv --user
virtualenv hgl
cd hgl
source bin/activate
pip3 install pipenv hac-game-lib 

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# Comments

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