# Welcome!

Welcome to the website of the Hyrule Astronomy club, this post is an introduction to what we do.

# Who are we?

We are a group of kids (kids: noun. Someone curious about the world)


We are a small science club in California. We are passionate about astronomy, video games (particularly Zelda Breath of the Wild and Kerbal Space Program) and coding.

Hence the name of the club: Hyrule Astronomy Club.

Our goal is to provide extra scientific activities to kids from 6 to 66+ at no cost at all. That's the reason why all content that we make available on the internet is free and will remain free forever.

All the published work is either under GPLv3 or Creative Commons (CC-by-SA-NC). This whole website is licensed under CC-by-SA-NC.

# What do we do?

Many things! From astronomy to coding passing by electronic, robotics and engineering. We have a project based approach. So we are learning stuff by project cycles. Our main subject at the moment are astronomy and python development and a bit of both.

# Astronomy

We are often gathering for star gazing nights to observe the night sky in a variety of situations. From the naked eye observation of the Moon and constellations to the close up observation of globular clusters or galaxies in a 408mm (16") telescope, we enjoy the raw beauty of the universe.

We also participate in public events like the star parties of the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers where the youngest of us enjoy the conferences (last one - at the time of this article redaction - was on exoplanets) and stargazing and the eldest kids in the gang set up telescopes and show the general public objects of their choices.

# Coding

We have a regular coding class for kids from 6 to 12 (at the moment) were they learn to code in Python. In this class we do a lot of things like:

  • Python bases (types, control structures, etc.)
  • Electronics (mostly with breadboard, we are reluctant to let kids pointing soldering iron at each others...)
  • Mix it all in developing things on Raspberry Pi boards (interactions with buttons, get the physical states of a components from python, etc.)
  • Orbital mechanic (Newton's though experiments, basics of orbital revolution, etc.)
  • Game development (creation of maps, game design and logic). This one put a strong emphasis on algorithmic.

This lead us to many interesting projects like:

  • The Mission Zero Challenge [link to come]
  • Our Kerbal Space Center RUD (Rapid Unplanned Disassembly) Simulator
  • And the current hac-game-lib where we develop a basic game library and develop games with it.

# Outreach

We publish most of our work and code so other kids in the world can benefit from it. There is very little requirements (apart from a computer) and we do everything with Free and Open Source softwares. All the kids are running Linux based computers and we only use FLOSS (except for KSP...).

Feel free to use anything we do to expose kids (young and less young) to science, astronomy and computer engineering in a fun and entertaining way!

Our work is available on Github and we also have a Youtube channel.

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